Announcing Ohio Nominees for Heavy Metal: Women to Watch – 2018

The Ohio Advisory Group (OAG) proudly announces its nominees for the international Women to Watch triennial at NMWA, scheduled for mid June – mid September 2018 in Washington, DC. This is the second installment of Women to Watch to include an emerging artist from Ohio, as a result of OAG sponsorship. The 2018 Heavy Metal exhibition will feature Women to Watch from the United States, Europe and Latin America who use metal as a medium.

Reto Thuering, Curator of Contemporary Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Matt Distel, Exhibitions Director at The Carnegie in Covington, Kentucky, partnered with the OAG to identify four exciting, deserving and geographically diverse Ohio artists as nominees. NMWA curators are expected to select one of these four artists for the Washington, DC exhibition.  In keeping with the thematic focus provided by NMWA,  all of the OAG artists incorporate metal to create compelling, contemporary sculptures and installations.

Ohio Women to Watch for 2018 are: 

Carmel Buckley, Tracy Featherstone, Llewelynn Fletcher, and Leila Khoury.

All four artists will be honored and celebrated as part of a larger Ohio Women to Watch exhibition in Columbus at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Galleries. The Ohio exhibition opens May 3, 2018 and will be on view through the summer months.

Fletcher 01

Llewelynn Fletcher, Interspecies Power Portrait, 2016, lead, plaster, enamel, graphite, 25Hx12Wx18D inches; Courtesy of the artist

Featherstone 04

Tracy Featherstone, Roadside Bindu, 2016, fabric, chickenwire, spiderplant, ceramic vessel, glaze, cinderblocks, branch. 48x24x24 inches; Courtesy of the artist

Khoury 06

Leila Khoury, Palmyra, 2015, steel and concrete, 84Hx84Wx24D inches; Courtesy of the artist

Buckley 07

Carmel Buckley, Untitled, 1999-2009, cast aluminum and recycled aluminum wire, dimensions variable; Courtesy of the artist